Ingredients Produced in Japan

Japanese farmers and ranchers cultivate a diverse array of high-quality, unique ingredients through their distinct––and detail-oriented––approaches to agriculture. The end result is superior Japanese products that can elevate any type of cuisine.


Japanese farmers and ranchers maintain traditional growing practices that have been passed down for generations.

Most of Japan’s artisanal food businesses are family-owned and operated. Family farmers are dedicated to following, and improving upon, their ancestor’s production methods and techniques to yield ingredients for high-quality cuisine throughout the world.

Appreciation for Nature

Japanese food production has always shared a strong connection with nature. Skilled farmers are thankful for mother nature’s blessing.

This is why producers put so much effort, care, and love into growing high-quality, clean, and healthful food products


Japanese farmers are skillful and kind artisans. They grow their crops and rear their animals as a part of their own family, and take great pride and joy in passing farming knowledge down to their children.

The safety and high-quality nature of Japanese ingredients come not only from farmers’ love and skill, but also from highly advanced Japanese technology, such as AI, drones, and self-driving machines. This progressive tech enables Japanese farmers and ranchers to produce large enough quantities of premium ingredients that they can be exported to people all over the world.


Japanese farmers and ranchers have always ensured that the ingredients they produce are of the highest quality and authenticity.

This is because food production in Japan has focused on improving quality through selective breeding and technological development.

Many Japanese ingredients have a full, yet delicate, flavor that can enhance a wide variety of cuisines.

Food Safety

The supply of safe food is essential to maintain. In line with international framework, Japan has taken a science-based approach to ensure food safety from farm to table.

The Japanese government is promoting the implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Food producers in Japan follow these standards for production.