Japanese Rice

Short-grained Japanese rice features a natural sweetness, mild fragrance, and ideal toothsomeness.


Japanese short-grained rice has historically been the Japanese people’s staple food. Its fundamental importance is evident from the fact that the word for cooked rice, gohan or meshi, can also be interpreted to mean meal.


Japanese rice farmers are skillful and kind artisans. They carefully, and thoughtfully, grow their crops, and take great pride and joy in passing their farming knowledge down to their children.

The safety and high-quality nature of Japanese rice comes not only from farmers’ love and skill, but also from highly advanced Japanese technology, such as AI, drones, and self-driving machines. This progressive tech enables Japanese rice farmers to efficiently grow sushi rice, alongside other rice varieties, for dishes made all over the world.

Self-Driving Rice Planting Machine, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization of Japan

Rice Grading Criteria

Similar to Japanese Wagyu Beef, Japanese rice also undergoes strict grading to determine the highest quality. From 1971 to today, the Japan Grain Inspection Association has graded almost all of crops every year.

Every rice brand is given one of the following grades: 特A (Toku A) for premium, A for above average, A’ for average, B for below average, or B’ for lowest.

Cooking Japanese Rice

With its simple and mild flavor, Japanese rice makes a tasty food on its own, and also complements countless other dishes:

Sushi Rice


Takikomi Gohan


Rice Pudding

Video Series: Innovative and traditonal Japanese Rice Cooking

Award-winning chefs demonstrate new ways to prepare premium Japanese ingredients:

Chef Nobu Yamazaki and Masaya Kitayama

Owner & Chef / Executive Chef of Sushi Taro

Chef Hirohisa Hayashi

Owner & Chef of Hirohisa and Sushi Ikumi

Chef Masaaki “Uchi” Uchino

Executive chef of Sushi Nakazawa Washington DC

How To Cook Delicious Japanese Rice

Using a Clay Pot / Donabe

Using a Rice Cooker

Interested in high-quality Japanese Rice?

Interested in high quality Japanese Rice?